Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What We Had For Lunch

I used to have an internet pen-pal. We weren't very well-suited to each other. She told me I talk like Frasier. (And I didn't even do anything to deserve it!)

Eventually the whole exchange devolved into her writing me every day and telling me what she had for lunch. It was always either a baloney sandwich and chips or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and chips. She only liked grape jelly. So, I told her what I had for lunch, which was usually a Healthy Choice entree. But I had like 20 different kinds to choose from, see... Eventually, we noticed it was pointless and broke it off.

I hope all the personal stuff on my blog lately hasn't bored you too much! I will try to get back to being interesting as soon as I think of anything interesting. : )

In other news, pics are up!


Sue said...

Well I for one, really enjoyed the stuff about the "You Be the Chemist" contest. I'm interested in anything related to education, especially science education.

By the way, I had a tuna fish sandwich for lunch. He-he! Now if I could only figure out what to do for dinner.

ChefNick said...

I think the personal stuff is the best stuff. I don't want your political opinions on who should be president--I want to know about the dustbunny that refused to be sucked up by the vacuum this morning.

Now THAT's news.

Dinner . . . what a concept. I bought another carton of eggs by mistake, so I imagine it will involve an egg or two. See? Now you have another Internet pal who will bore you to tears with a daily menu.

Qaro said...

LOL! Both of you! Thanks!

BTW I had a ham sandwich and cherries. : )

Sue said...

I forgot, I had cherries too; Mt. Rainer at $7 a pound a one time extravagance. So we were in sync today.

ChefNick said...

I think eggs for breakfast can't be good. At least not every day. But my on-again-off-again girlfriend keeps telling me that Asian pasta is not good. So what do I do?

Frankly, I'm happiest when I'm too upset to eat anything all day. That is a GUARANTEED way to lose weight.

Since I was a kid it's just easiest not to eat anything at all . . .

Qaro said...

Mt. Rainer cherries are more expensive than gasoline!

Even worse, I don't know what I paid for my cherries just that the husband likes them and we've been waiting for the Michigan cherries and the Michigan asparagus.

Eggs and noodles are both good, just not together! : )

Qaro said...

Darn it! I completely forgot about the existence of egg noodles. There's your compromise food. How about egg noodles with mandarin oranges and a little bit of habenero? (I'm just making this stuff up, don't blame me if it'd bad! : )

ChefNick said...

(Laugh out loud)

Yep, egg noodles exist! Doubly bad for you, I'd imagine.

But since the girlie doesn't eat wheat, even on my lone time (which is a lot) I try not to either, so it's rice or buckwheat. A weird transition, but not that bad.

But eggs and noodles ... I can't believe no one has come up with a pasta omelette. It has to exist . . . or maybe I'll have to make it up.

News to follow at eleven.