Monday, June 9, 2008


We are so busy studying for the YBTC contest this week!

But we figured out why one of the hamsters was so fat, she had babies!


Sue said...

ah, the reproductive life of rodents!

Good luck to the budding chemist!!

Will there be time for sightseeing in Philly? Lots of good historical stuff.

Qaro said...

Hi Sue, I should bring them to you, they'd keep your cats busy, running around. It'd be fun.

We are now wondering with the other hamster is still so big.

Thanks for the luck! I will give it to him. : )

Me and the boy are looking forward to the trip. Saturday we will get a cheesesteak and check out the bell. We will already have seen both the Franklin Institute and the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

Sue said...

I remember seeing the bell and the hall in July 1968 -- when it was hot and humid and sticky, and had some appreciation for the Continental Congress stuck there working in the summer of 1776 with no air conditioned respite!

Qaro said...

The hamster momma had babies again! We got daddy his own cage. What the heck?