Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Transit Times

When things get really whacked I get tempted to revert to my childhood. I studied astrology as a preteen and by the time I was 13 I was good enough at it to start my empirical analysis to prove/disprove astrology by collecting data and evaluating it based on many different criteria. I continued this from Freshman to Junior year of High School. It was real scientific but I think one of my first categories was "people who have dark hair." HeHe : )

Maybe I would like to play the game anyway, just because...

Okay, naysayer, I'll see your "no scientific possibility whatsoever" and "fatalistic determinism" and raise you a "math is fun", "that explains everything!" and an "all things must pass"!

Because it's good to know things will get better. But it's better to know things will get good on Thursday morning at 2:14 am.

No Dis!

Didn't mean any disrespect to my wonderful beautiful friends I connect to on the phone and online! I think what I am missing most is a shopping buddy! : )

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...And Bad News

See, when you dare to title a post "Good News", you will inevitably have to come along soon with a post called "Bad News". It's Blogger's way of balancing out the world.

I did sign up for Improv class. And last night it was cancelled.

So bummed. I had all kinds of hopes pinned on it. Not only was I going to try to develop a new talent, syphon off some of my out of control randomness and have a fun hobby, I was also hopefully going to make some friends. Female friends who are geographically near who would have to be smart and funny or at least interesting to sign up for an Improv class...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Star Fail

Spotted this on a local daycare center.

33% Better than Zero stars!

Ugh, don't make a rating system totally different than every other rating system!

"Well, we don't want to have to design 5 different signs..."

Good News

I got my invitation to TED! It's really exciting!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ig Nobels

The 2009 Ig Nobel awards (for hilarious science acheivements) will be webcast 7:15pm EST October 1st. The keynote speaker is the awesome Benoit Mandelbrot. I'm sure more info will become available here.

Here are last year's winners!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moderation of Discombobulation

Last week I found out there is a TED event in Detroit coming up. It sounds really exciting and it's totally affordable but attendance is by application: Tell us about yourself and your good idea for the future of Detroit and the world.

Can I just say "Well, I don't have any ideas but TED looks really fun!" Would that work? : )

I think I do know why things change. Things change because they are broken. Things bruised, dented and limping do not really change, they just find a way to get by. But when pieces are hanging off and swinging back and forth and you say "Gosh, I don't think it's supposed to move like that." That's when you say, "What pieces can we salvage and what can we build with them?"

People don't want to spend right now. I think we either spend small amounts that add up to something or our hearts totally override us. When I think about things I love, sure I can spend a little on that. Being part of the community is worth something too. (Thinking about Detroit, I think of the music community and going to rock shows.)

I think I know how things get simple. When you throw in one last monkey wrench and the overcomplicator gets discombobulated and completely jams up. THAT's how things get simple. Not because you've figured it all out but because you can't. And you go back to basics and work with the obvious.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Armored Whale

Check out this picture my son drew in Math class yesterday. I love it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What We've Got Here

Sometimes I feel like my life is being run by the world's stupidest person:

"Okay, why is there change all over the ground? Pennies, nickels, quarters... I think we have a financial problem. Now why are these various items of makeup scattered along the path? This must be a self-esteem issue. Now, who left this purse just lying here? Somebody's going to trip over that! Maybe we should get a safety consultant out here. Wait, those footprints in the snow don't look right... Because there shouldn't be snow in August! This crazy weather must be related to global warming... And who threw this lawn furniture in the way? I can barely get through. Why the heck would someone put the dresser in front of a door? That's it, design problems! Call the decorator!"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fair Weather

Hi! I am so tired. We all went to the fair and walked like crazy. My kids rode lots of rides and my husband and I did too but we got kind of crazy riding the ferris with the cages that flip upside down. Not as fun as it looked. We were dizzy for quite a while after that!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Time

Just thinking about how life shrinks in a long illness. Corners are cut. Hopes are amputed. Accomodations are made. Mechanisms acquired. Grapes go sour but you can't tell if you hold your nose and close your eyes. Don't look.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dad Successfully Maintaining Status Quo

My Dad is still in the hospital. They are taking good care of him, I am glad. I don't know how they get away with such crap care in nursing homes. It's barbaric. I wish he would get better enough for home care.