Thursday, October 30, 2008


From Eric: My mom is home and I'm happy she's here. Her operation went OK.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just My Luck

I just realized why I got all those dirty looks in the very crowded parking lot of the early voting station yesterday. I got out and hobbled around the back of my car and my 11 year old was getting out and about ready to close the door, forgetting to grab something I needed...

I yelled, "My cane! MY CANE!"

Waiting For To-Go

I'm so glad my surgery is coming up soon because I am in nasty pain. I'm taking 2 pills instead of 1. (It's allowed: "1 to 2 pills every 4 hours as needed." Just not able to drive like that.)

Not so into food. The other day at work I made my frozen dinner and it smelled funny so I tossed it out. Then I had a bite of a cupcake and it tasted funny so I tossed that out too. I'm pretty sure it was subconcious. Or maybe my friend is absolutely right about these dinners smelling funny. (When Z and I were at the chemistry thing, I overheard a conversation about "food grade antifreeze". Ew.)

Sometimes I think about the part of my brain that does not speak english, or in words at all, but it has so much control anyway. The part that sends up cravings once a month for a McDonald's salad. And it knows, since you're there and since you're having a salad, and since it's only a dollar, and it's been a month, it will get a hot fudge sundae too. Other times you're just dying to go karaoke since it's been so long and you while you're out you may as well bum a cigarette too. The deep part of the brain, when you're at the store, will drag some little baby's cries like fingernails across your heart...

Mashup I am not going to make: "Lullaby" and "When I Come Around"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My husband and son went to the "Weak Signals" R/C plane club and caught this video. The guys who owned these planes didn't seem too upset and said they should put the video on Youtube. Here it is:

Monday, October 20, 2008


Here's my news: I am expedited for a discectomy and laminectomy next Wednesday. L4-5 is the problem. I go for pre-tests tomorrow afternoon. I will probably be in the hospital at least one day and up to three weeks at home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aside From That...

For the past two years I've had big trouble with my back. It's been off and on. More "on" than I'd like, but I've always tried to have a tough "make-do" attitude and I'll put up with a lot and try not to dwell on it...

I've been in and out of physical therapy three times. (Gym is physical therapy. But I do work hard and I do break a sweat.) I seem to get somewhat better and then do a slow progressive backslide to horrible. The past few months have been really tough; I can barely walk... I don't even know how to answer the question "How are you?" "I'm fine" is too much of a lie. (My husband helped me with this tonight. From now on it will be "Hangin' in there!" : )

I finally have some daytime pain pills that take the pain away enough so I can be more efficient at work. It's like Tylenol would be, if it actually worked for me. I am almost caught up at work, in spite of being down one staff accountant. (I'm kind of conflicted about that... In order to go really fast I have to use every trick in my book. Which is contrary to delegating... I hope someday I'm caught up enough to port my methods from SQL and Excel VLOOKUP's and pivot tables to reports that are sleek and simple to run for everyone.)

My sciatica's been so strong the past few weeks, now I have night time pills I can take in the evening and so I can sleep. But they don't make me smart or creative... That's why I've been so dead to the internet lately. Sorry!

My doctor was somewhat anti-surgery/pro-physical therapy until recently...

I had an MRI last night and saw the pictures. It was much worse than I'd imagined. I can't even find a herniated disc picture on the internet as bad as my disc looks. It's like a jelly donut smashed flat and all squished out. Crushing my spinal cord flat on one side and the sciatic nerve on another side. Apparently it's a miracle I'm not peeing my pants (and can walk at all).

I have my first appointment with the surgeon next Monday. I'm scared. But I'm hopeful for my future life.

Funniest thing I heard today: My son went to the carryout to help me get a gallon of milk. He wanted to get Slurpees. He had a little assembly line going, filling the cups with cherry flavor, then coke flavor then putting the lids on carefully, then filling them up to the top of the lid, then slurping off the excess. I said "You're very efficient. Just think, in a couple of years you could be doing that at the drive thru." He said "No. They wouldn't let me slurp the tops off!"

(New Category!)
Made-Up Stats: 90% of the things people buy inside carryouts are just stupid.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

They're still here, and they're on sale!

Ugh, I just lost 12% of my 401k.

I am having a hard time explaining the market to my 14 year-old. He keeps coming back to "Yeah, but where did all the money go?"

The only huge variable in my budget is the groceries. Seriously, there are $200/week to be won or lost. Here's my new trick: Stop at the new fresh market gourmet store carefully spend $30 on specialty items to jazz up the fare. They have incredibly beautiful baked goods. Last night, I got a coffee flavored coffee cake. How decadently redundant! : )

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big Movie Marathon

I've been sick this week so there's not much going on, but I have watched the following movies:

The Third Wheel A really unusual romantic comedy about a date gone wrong. A fun watch. (I'm starting to wonder if Ben Affleck can act. I'm going to search for proof later.)

Iron Man Again. Fun super-hero action flick.

Dr. Strangelove I'd never seen it. Black comedy. Gotta love it.

And Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Really cute but kinda racy.