Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waiting For To-Go

I'm so glad my surgery is coming up soon because I am in nasty pain. I'm taking 2 pills instead of 1. (It's allowed: "1 to 2 pills every 4 hours as needed." Just not able to drive like that.)

Not so into food. The other day at work I made my frozen dinner and it smelled funny so I tossed it out. Then I had a bite of a cupcake and it tasted funny so I tossed that out too. I'm pretty sure it was subconcious. Or maybe my friend is absolutely right about these dinners smelling funny. (When Z and I were at the chemistry thing, I overheard a conversation about "food grade antifreeze". Ew.)

Sometimes I think about the part of my brain that does not speak english, or in words at all, but it has so much control anyway. The part that sends up cravings once a month for a McDonald's salad. And it knows, since you're there and since you're having a salad, and since it's only a dollar, and it's been a month, it will get a hot fudge sundae too. Other times you're just dying to go karaoke since it's been so long and you while you're out you may as well bum a cigarette too. The deep part of the brain, when you're at the store, will drag some little baby's cries like fingernails across your heart...

Mashup I am not going to make: "Lullaby" and "When I Come Around"


Sue said...

could also be that the medication is affecting the brain processing of smells. I've never heard of pain pills doing that, but I have heard of other medications doing it.
My wordless, lizard brain has a Kentucky Fried Chicken craving (had 25 dollars worth of KY Fried Chicken all by myself over the course of last week).
I hope that your pain will be extinguished by your surgery tomorrow.

Qaro said...

At work I was on my super mild pain pills, I think it was the pain in control at that time...

KFC sounds SO GOOD!!!

It's a different kind of pain, but I have high hopes! : )