Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...And Bad News

See, when you dare to title a post "Good News", you will inevitably have to come along soon with a post called "Bad News". It's Blogger's way of balancing out the world.

I did sign up for Improv class. And last night it was cancelled.

So bummed. I had all kinds of hopes pinned on it. Not only was I going to try to develop a new talent, syphon off some of my out of control randomness and have a fun hobby, I was also hopefully going to make some friends. Female friends who are geographically near who would have to be smart and funny or at least interesting to sign up for an Improv class...


Jim Donahue said...
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Jim Donahue said...

I've taken a few acting classes, with some improv thrown in.

It's hard!

Qaro said...

Hi Jim!

Yes! I wanted to try something that I knew would be bad at but maybe had potential and improve! Try to stretch a little bit.

ChefNick said...

I auditioned, at the tender age of 18, for a stage play of "Blithe Spirit." We did a table reading.

The poor organizers (expats in Dakar, Senegal) were very puzzled. Because I was so good, but so young.

They then asked me if I would do the part (can't remember what it was) but then they said I would have to cut my shoulder-length hair if I wanted it (no money, just fun).

Well, you can guess the rest.

Too bad. It would have been glorious.

Qaro said...

Nick, I'm sure your hair was glorious instead! : )