Friday, June 20, 2008

P*tty Mouth

This post on the Velvet Blog about the new Mike Myers movie made me realize something: Potty humor is really prevalent in a house full of boys. It even comes up when I'm trying to discuss statistics. (At least the upside is having someone on hand who thinks plungers are fun.)

Anyway, that post and the fact we just had chinese food last night reminded me of something we do. On the TV show "Friends", when they open their fortune cookies, they read them out loud and tack on the phrase " the bedroom." But that's not appropriate or even funny for kids. What's funny in a bedroom for them? Snoring! Putting someone's hand in warm water!

I tried our fortune cookies with a couple of phrases: " the hospital" and "...during an earthquake." Results were hit or miss.

The very best fortune cookie tag for kids is " the bathroom." Works every time.


Sue said...

I'll have to remember to tell my statistics students that one (about accidents).

ChefNick said...

Dunno. In private I swear like a sailor but if anyone does in front of my son, I boil. And I've never sworn in front of my parents, not even the S word.

Movies like Scarface are over the top, but I'd say in general, if it reflects real life it's okay. Just gratuitous foulmouthdom (as in a comedy) or toilet humor is for well, toilets.

I guess there is always going to be a segment of America that goes to movies like "Jackass."

More fool us.

Qaro said...

My kids know about the bell curve and standard deviation and a little about probability.

We try not to swear.