Sunday, June 1, 2008

Commencing Countdown

We spent the day yesterday at the NASA open house. It was a blast! You can see more photos on Flickr.


Sue said...

Budding mission control specialists! Did you guys watch the Mars landing the other day -- lots of excitement.

I noticed that the link was to the Sandusky, Ohio center. I went to college up in that corner of Ohio (Oberlin) back in the dark ages.

Qaro said...

We saw the Mars landing! Very cool!

Oberlin's a good school. American Chemistry Society accredited too! : )

Sue said...

Better living through chemistry!

Qaro said...

Yes, the DuPont slogan.

One of the stories I tell me boys is that I'm the reason we have green cars. (Not Green, emerald green.)

In early 1989, I was playing trivia with my group, and one of the members was a chemist in charge of developing new automotive paint colors and asked me what I'd like to see. "Oh, Emerald green, definitely! You never see green cars anymore."

...And that's why I was able to buy a 1993 emerald green Dodge Shadow. ; )