Monday, June 23, 2008

Are you old enough to drink coffee?

I want to write a note to the coffee drinker who not only doesn't know how to work spoons, but also doesn't know how to work paper towels... But what do you say to a person like that???


Sue said...

If you find out let me know!

Qaro said...

No, you are not old enough to drink coffee! But I will let you slide this time. (Only up to six cups a day :)

a rose is a rose said...

we share pantry areas at work. there's free coffee and tea. it's a kick butt machine as well.

we share refrigerators and counter top space and microwaves.

i am messy no doubt about that. i'm a pack rat no doubt about that either. HOWEVER, when i share a space with someone else, i sure as heck make sure whatever mess i make, I CLEAN UP IMMEDIATELY

if someone else doesn't and i see it i do one of two things.
1) i glare
2) i make loud sighing noises, grab paper towels and start wiping up their mess right in front of them. (i'm a pretty intimidating babe when i need to be by the way)

ChefNick said...

Hmm. . . hate to be OCD but I need my kitchen to be super clean. I just get nervous when I'm in a place where there are crumbs on the counter and someone hasn't swept it with a massive attack of paper towels (hate rags--too many germs).

But when I'm not super clean I let it go! If I have no particular kitchen project in mind I'll let the dishes accumulate--I know I'll pick them up eventually and it's no big hassle but it can get pilely.

Coffee smells, especially when you don't want to be smelling it, like Camembert when you aren't hungry, so it needs to be taken care of immediately.

Have you ever dumped some old beansprouts and left them in the trash a couple of days?

Same thing--it ain't pretty.

Qaro said...

I hate rags too! Have you ever smelled old brocolli? Almost enough to turn you off new brocolli.

Sue said...

Worse than old broccoli, is old water used to steam broccoli that got left in the pot, on the stove and started growing things. Ick.