Friday, June 27, 2008

Futility is Resistance

I like that title. Maybe it will trick me into more power!

What a week. Worried about my sick parents. No good post ideas. Nothing funny happened, except my little one did ask me why the sign on the front of the carryout doesn't say anything about pants. I didn't eat dinner three nights in a row even though not eating makes me feel doomed and vice versa. Projects make daily work suffer and daily work makes projects suffer and delegating is more work than work.

UPDATE: Interesting, "Futility is Resistance" is a slogan of a group called the Ludic Society. If I'm understanding it right, they're messing up technology by adding fake information?


ChefNick said...

Hmm. Doesn't matter that you had no post ideas. Sometimes nothing happening is GOOD!

These days I've just given up my old blog persona and just rant and rave about anything I feel like. Like a personal diary, except everyone can see it. A lot of it makes sense only to me, but you would NOT believe the number of lurkers who've outed themselves.

So keep up the good struggle. Just what you had for breakfast is good . . .


Qaro said...

Hi Nicky, Thanks. I had a pickle. : )

Sue said...

I must say, that Ludic site is bizaare.

Sorry to hear about sick parents.

Good question about the pants, I've always wondered that myself. The answer I received when I was a child was "it goes without saying," and my response was "why"? (May be that "why" is what makes me a sociologist).

Qaro said...

I've been thinking about this a lot. Where have the days gone where common sense can "Go without saysing"?

WARNING: Coffee is HOT.