Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We put our economic stimulus check in the bank to pay bills. But I did get to spend a portion of it for new photographic equipment

...which I used to take a picture of these cameras.

Scared you and your PowerShot, didn't I? : )

Seriously, dozens of people at the NASA open house had incredible cameras. Most of those people were reporters. These belonged to a regular guy with a hobby who sat at the next table for lunch with his wife and baby. The reporters had lenses that stuck out at least a foot. How do you walk through a crowd with that? They did.

I got a really nice Kodak, that I probably wouldn't have gotten without the check. (Got the two-year accident warranty. Suckahs!)

Hope that affects the economy somehow... Mostly hope it affects my photography skills. Might have to bother to "learn how".


ChefNick said...

Hopefully they're digital. Polaroid just went out of business.


Sue said...

In addition to supporting our local veterinarian's son's college fund, I also talked my hubby into buying some new clothes as part of our contribution to the economy. He's lost more than 60 pounds over the past three years and he is in dire need of new clothes.

Qaro said...

New clothes, how fun!