Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home from the You Be the Chemist Challenge

We're back! We had a really great time in Philadelphia.

Jeremiah (Z) studied in the airport, studied on the airplane, we got to the hotel too early so he studied in the visitor's center, studied in the salon while I got a haircut. We went to the rehearsal and then to dinner at the City Tavern. Z fell asleep studying at 9:00.

The contest was tough, all the kids were so smart. He was eliminated in the 2nd of 5 preliminary rounds. When it came down to the finals, they were tied for 2nd and 3rd and had to do a "lightning round" to choose who to eliminate. The lightning round went on for 40 questions before anyone missed anything. The winner was Christopher Pillay. 2nd was Ethan Li and 3rd was Nabil Shaikh.

The You Be the Chemist Challenge was a privilege. They treated us so wonderfully. It was fascinating to learn so much about chemistry. He is going to have a leg up in his science classes in high school. It was a good experience. He's never studied so hard for anything before and that's a good skill. It's good to be challenged.

Treva Jeffries, the science director from Toledo Public Schools came to support Jeremiah. We were so grateful. Thank you so much for everything you did to organize it in our area and give TPS kids the opportunity! : )

After the contest was over the tone changed and all the kids were able to relax and have fun. They took us on a double decker bus. I got whacked by a tree branch. If you ever sit on a double decker bus, sit on the left side. : ) We went to the Franklin Institute to see the IMAX movie, "Wild Oceans". (I still saw swirling shoals of sardines when I closed my eyes that night.) After the IMAX we saw the "Real Pirates" exhibit about the pirate ship, The Wyhdah, that was salvaged. It was a great exhibit. Then we went to dinner at Dave and Busters and the kids played games. My parents and I had a lovely time talking to Christopher's dad, Prem. My dad left early and we also talked to Cori's parents and Treva. We got to meet and hang out with such nice people! : ) I peeked into the game room and saw Jeremiah and the other boys laughing and talking. It was neat because he'd been so quiet before.

Saturday we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We really enjoyed it. We love art. Going to the 3rd largest museum in the country made me feel extra proud of the Toledo Museum of Art, which stacks up well. Come see us! : )

We also went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Yes it would have been sweltering in there. Our founding fathers rock!

We missed everyone and we've glad to be home. I'll put pictures on flickr soon.


Sue said...

sounds like a wonderful time for everyone!

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