Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lunch, the Universe and Everything

I'm worried about food. It's not like I snack all day long or anything but I know that when I have a headache, my lunch is going to make me feel better. I am trying to replace my crunchies: carrots or celery instead of chips and my fruit: an apple instead of applesauce. But, I know that a bowl of lettuce is not going to make me feel better. :(

My husband once said to me during a discussion about housework, "How can you call it work if you're just sitting there?" Cold, but true. But not true. I've had lots of days where I come home feeling like I just took my SAT's again. It is what it is.

I'm thinking about doing the Atkins diet again. Not because it doesn't stink or anything, but because it works fast. But extreme diets cause total food obsession.

Mashup I am not going to make: "Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Ba (I'm Lovin' It)" and "Stupify"


Sue said...

It sounds to me like what you want is to feel good again, not so just loose weight. Balanced eating will do that better than Atkins.

My own three month experience with the Atkins(albeit with the original Atkins diet back in 1972)certainly caused me to lose 25 pounds, but it threw my entire body chemistry out of wack, made me very, very sick for months and gave me a migraine that lasted non-stop for more than two months (although it waxed and waned).

Of course, these days, I'm no one's model eater!

ChefNick said...

Wow. I highly recommend my diet. It's called Mouse Appetite.

Dunno why, but I can never eat more than a bite or two of anything.

No breakfast, except when the girlfriend is over. Never lunch (well, maybe a Bloody Mary at a restaurant).

And if SO is not here it will probably be a green salad for dinner.

I am losing ALL SORTS of weight. Like, 20 pounds in six months. Actually getting a bit worried.

Could it be clinical depression?

And now I've become vegetarian because of the girly . . . well, I suppose this is all for the better.


Qaro said...

Sue, thank you for saving me from the mistake of trying Atkins again. If my goal is to be happy and healthy Atkins won't do it. Atkins made me sick too. I need to eat sensibly.

Nick, I'm working my way towards eating less. It takes time to shrink your stomach so it probably works the other way as well.

When my brother wasn't feeling good he found it helpful to take long naps. It's a great way spend time and heal, body and spirit. Maybe I should take a nap once in a while.

ChefNick said...

Hmm . . . could be one approach. I guess I've just learned to be hungry yet not eat. Ever since I was a teenager. I'd come home from school or band practice quite late, there was nothing made (my mother was NOT a great cook) and I'd say, ahh, just skip it. I'll have a scotch instead and go to bed.

And I still do stuff like that today--not the best approach, perhaps, but it seems to work . . .

And yes, I DEFINITELY agree with the shrinking of the stomach. Because if you are used to eating lots at one sitting it will definitely expand and want more!

I physically can not eat very much any more. So take heart. Good luck, kid!


Sue said...

I'll bet naps are hard when you have kids.

One thing I actually appreciate about being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis was doctor sanctioned afternoon napping! The dog and the cats love the naps (they get to participate), and my hubby doesn't seem to mind either, he just goes about his thing.

Qaro said...

Sue, you're right again! Not so many naps for me! That's cute: "they get to participate" : )

Nick, I think I would have a ways to go to get where you are. But I like the idea of shrinking my stomach. May a few bites of a healthy snack in the mid-morning would keep my brain fueled and I could combine that with a smaller lunch.

Plugging away! : )