Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With a $4 Tip

Wait, what? One of the niggling thoughts that's been returning to me on and off today is, why did we leave a $4 tip on a $7 ticket? It really made sense at the time too! "Oh we hardly spent any money. It wouldn't be fair to the waitress." I think my friend may have guilt issues like me. Awesome, LOL!

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ChefNick said...

No, I do that all the time. There's a friendly diner down the street from me where dinner and a couple of beers probably comes to about $17. But I usually leave around a $7 tip.

Trust me, when they see me come in, I get the best service you've ever seen.

But I don't do it for that. It's like dining with friends. Wouldn't you bring a bottle of wine to the feast? Maybe even a nice one.