Monday, March 1, 2010

Jumping for Sharks

I was eating with my kids yesterday and conversation turned to how to fish from a submarine. We decided a net would be most efficient, but a harpoon would also be effective. (Okay, "more fun". Sorry, I have teenage boys! : )

Then we talked about TV shows. Wasn't it great when "Survivor" was more about survival. When we got to spend time in the ocean next to the guy with the spear. That was cool. You think you might learn a useful skill by watching. Now, it's all gossip and drama.

Another show that fell downhill: "Heroes" used to be about heroes. We would find new heroes and they would have cool and interesting powers. They would be captured by, and escape the bad guys. Now it's all drama.

Another show that went to pieces: "Numbers". You used to be able to at least hear about an obscure math topic that maybe you didn't know about, or even better say yes I know about combinatorics, I use a little VBA script in Excel for my Bank Recs. Now, Charlie practically says "I mathed it." and they send in the goons with the guns. And have some drama.

Anyway... Need to keep the essence of my life, not drama...


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Ha! Ha! Ha! I just wrote my other post before I saw your comment, "indeed" Too funny! : )