Monday, March 8, 2010

Chicken Tostadas - $2.75

My friend Pam took me out to eat at El Camino Real and we spent less than $7 by ordering Chicken Tostadas and water with lemon. Tons of chicken and lettuce and sour cream and some cheese. It's like an upside down salad. So yum! : )

She told me her niece is a marine biologist but I misheard it as "rainbowologist". But the conversation still moved ahead well for a while until I said "Really? You can determine water quality from rainbows?" Then we had to backtrack a bit.

Too funny!


Amanda Bennett said...

Oh man, I have got to find me a get cheap mexican food buddy. I have been JONESING!

Qaro said...

TACOS! (No Bell!)