Friday, March 26, 2010

Stories Tall

I didn't feel well this morning because things didn't agree with me, but it still turned out to be a productive day because I got some projects finished at work. Now I can be buried in my backlog! Hehe, no it's cool...
The good thing is I can tear through massive amounts of work on things I'm familiar with and wrap things up quickly. So much faster than, "Okay, what is this?" : )

I am taking a break from stuff. I just put my heart in the cupboard and hid the key under my iPod. I have no idea when I come back if there'll be a shriveled raisin or something healthy and pink. I'll find out later.

I'm avoiding extremes. We're bowling with bumpers, now!

I thank my lucky stars for the boys... They are so smart and sweet and fun to hang out with. They can soak up just about anything I have to offer.

They know so many things but I need to learn and tell more stories for them. My Big Boss knows hundreds of interesting little stories and it's always fun to hear them the first couple of times.

As far as motivation goes, I can pretty much frame almost any of my goals in terms of trying to be a good Mom. A better-run household and healthy attitude are good things to work for.

But they don't really care how I look. My kids only prefer I stay somewhere in the middle of the joke spectrum between "Your Momma" and "Your Mom".

But we do seem to be unnecessarily proud of being tall and strong. Big fine German stock, Jå! Like we're going to go work on a farm or something, LOL! Hope I don't somehow end up a female bodybuilder. : P

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