Monday, March 15, 2010


Saturday was a total bust. But, got some tough love from a girlfriend and learned: a) I am not that special. b) Putting up with shit is not a badge of honor.

I had this tautology: I have carried a big load for a long time, therefore I must be strong and able to carry it.

I guess I'm trying to relate to movies a lot lately... I was thinking of Conan the Barbarian. Conan was captured by the enemy when he was a child. Along with a bunch of other prisoners, he was chained to a huge grinding wheel and they had to push it around every day. Years passed and the other prisoners had disappeared and they show Conan, big and huge, pushing the wheel all by himself. I was thinking how lucky he was to get a chance to be so strong. Not about how he was chained to a wheel for thirty years.

But anyway. I had to read my own blog to see "Can't I just take a break from improving anything for a few days?" I just need to take a break.

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