Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rock Band Game

I just got done playing Rock Band with my kids. Guess what I was good at? I got 100% singing all my songs and was practically duck-walking over that until my kids got 100%'s too. Maybe I'll turn it up to Medium difficulty next time. LOL! : )

It's E's 13th birthday tomorrow but he got his presents today. I think he is now just a hair shorter than me and if he goes to bed quickly may be officially taller than me by tomorrow.

We tried to find a cat today but had no luck. Apparently kittens are seasonal? Really?


ChefNick said...


Cats usually breed in the spring . . . give it another month and the classifieds will be full of 'em. Get a Siamese!

Sue said...

kittens are seasonal, they are just starting to be born in March and early April, then it takes at least 6 weeks (preferably 8) before they are ready to leave their mothers. If you get them younger than 6 weeks they are likely to have more pyschological/emotional problems (like biting). Be sure that you are ready for a 15 to 20 year committment and for the cost of spaying neutering within the first 6 months (which runs more than $100 in most places).