Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Then Again...

Feeling better after resting up. "Shhh!", Don't tell my work that they are rest from vacation! Of course I'd be a whole different person if my job involved walking around all day... I need to look into this MBWA thing... Wait, how do you explain fat mailmen?

Already the natters of rain and pain and 'stubborn/don't be so stubborn' stress are fading away and soon we'll be left with the images and stories. It's like in '92 when I won a trip for two to Vegas in a karaoke competition and I took my mom. We bickered and I gambled away all my money and we missed the bus to the Grand Canyon but remember that wonderful trip I took with my Mom? : )

We swear it was Dick Van Dyke eating breakfast in the next booth.


Sue said...

I'm tickled that you've decided that MBWA is a good weightloss plan... don't think that's what they had in mind.

Qaro said...

Since I only have one person left, I'd better not. It might freak her out. : )