Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Books for Mail!

Does anyone want a copy of "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd? Full of juicy bee intrigue: "Don't mention I buzzed it, but the queen looks tacky in yellow!"

Also here "The Family Tree" by Sherri Tepper. Totally trippy environmental scifi.

Or "The Postman" by David Brin. Postapocolyptic mailman, who can resist? You should know what the movie version cut out!

Sorry these aren't linked to Amazon, but the links will make me late for work!


Sue said...

Oooh a Sherri Tepper fan. My husband and I both love "The Family Tree" but I think our favorite is "The Fresco" -- you must read it to discover what a "glusi glut" is!!

Also love "The Postman" (book much better than movie), but far better is the novel "Glory Season."

Both "The Fresco" by Tepper, AND "Glory Season" by Brin, take a theme first developed by Ursula Le Guin in "The Left Hand of Darkness" and both do a far better job than Le Guin did of actually transcending gender.

Qaro said...

I got the Serri Tepper book at the used bookstore, because I recognized the name from something I read on your blog. She's good. I'll have to look for Fresco! And Glory Season too.

But you've given me one too many clues: gender. You can imagine what I think a "glusi glut" is! ;)

Sue said...

Nope, a "glusi glut" has little to do with gender...most organizations I know suffer from "glusi glut."