Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Know How Lucky You Are

Me and my kids are back from our trip to Philly. It was fine except it would have been nicer without the stormy rainy weather. Plus we lost the car in the parking garage. We were in the garage where Level 5 is bluish-green. We were supposed to be in the garage where Level 5 is greenish-blue. I don't feel so hot today because I seriously overdid it with the walking for hours.

Being in an airport makes me feel what I imagine as "Russian": Waiting in long slow lines for terrible service, extortionist prices, getting shaked down and frisked --and no one is there to help you when you really need it!

Most interesting thing I saw today: I had to get gas tonight and a Mayfly rode my windshield all the way home. They usually come in May and a few miles closer to the lake (Erie).

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Sue said...

did you get to do all the great historical stuff? (I was just watching "National Treasure" again last night which reminded me that I haven't been to Philadelphia since I was 17.