Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Runaround Who

My internet is down at home, but I'm still around!

We got to watch my dad do physical therapy last night, hitting a balloon around. Glad I got to see that!


Sue said...

nice title! After seeing all the good physical therapy did for his mom before she died, and then for himself after a running injury, my hubby is contemplating a return to school to become a physical therapy assistant.

Qaro said...

The lady who did it was super nice. She said she'd been doing it 20 years and was throwing all kinds of latin terms around. My son Jeremiah was watching and listening intently and his eyes were lighting up. (He's taking latin next year to help him in science.) I thought, "Oh no, there he goes falling down the medical rabbit hole!" When I got some info from the chemistry people about chemistry fields they said organic chemistry was the one they really need people because so many who start out in it get siphoned off into medical fields.