Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday's Alright For Shopping

Just checking in to say "Hi". I have to go run around and take my mom to the store. I am going to buy some stands to mount my PA speakers because the store that has them isn't open late during the week. We'll be working on setting up the office for band practice for me and the kids. It might not be cool for us to play out, but it's time for me to teach them what I can! They are 12 and 14, the time is ripe! They can sing, so that's a great start.

Go check out Sue's awesome post about the term "artist"!

UPDATE: I didn't get the speaker stands when I saw that with the tripod, they had just as big a footprint as the speakers themselves. We did however get a really nice keyboard stand. I just realized the other day: I'm never ever going to get back my old one I left in Jackie's friend's parents' basement in Point Place 6 years ago.

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