Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rite of Whaaa?

Today Google is celebrating Igor Stravinksy's birthday. But arent't these custom Google logos getting a bit much? It looks like a Pokemon card! (Specifically, this pokemon.) Just give it up and put a picture of Stravinsky with a little Google logo in the corner!


ChefNick said...

Aaaah, these people have nothing else to do. After all, they employ about 50,000 people, so no doubt it came down from the higher-ups to design some nifty cartoon for the occasion.

Thank God they don't do it every day.

Sue said...

I suspect that the Pokeman character was inspired by Stravinsky or something even more ancient that inspired both.

Qaro said...

Is there a term for that? Misinterpreting a symbol because you're working from the present back instead of the past forwards?

I imagine the next generation is going to have a slightly skewed interpretation of the phrase "Big Brother" because they're thinking of the TV show instead of Orwell.

Qaro said...

You know, once I got Stravinsky untangled from Tchaikovsky in my mind, this cartoony logo makes even less sense. The tone is all wrong and the symbolism is sillily executed. Thank God they don't do this every day indeed!