Monday, June 8, 2009

Risin' up to the challenge of our rival

My car is at the shop with a broken sway bar. But I still spent some time at the hospital this weekend where my Dad is is back with pneumonia. He's back on the vent so at least he's pink, but my hope is starting to flag. When life is less about living than surviving it changes people.

Yet still I have a funny for you. Every once in a while I heard "Ahhhhahhhhahhhhh!"
I thought, "Oh, that poor lady... Gosh, why don't they do something... They should give her some morphine... Maybe even sedate her..." On my way out the automatic door goes "Ahhhhahhhhahhhhh!"


Sue said...

Good to be able to find a "funny" in the midst of the end of life, and that's a good one!

ChefNick said...

Susan, there's no disguising it -- it's going to be hard. But when they decide to check out of the Hotel, they just do. I probably will too, someday.

I'm abstracting the whole thing. I'm not exactly in denial, but as I wrote in some song somewhere, you'll get a bandaid for your soul. That's all you can do. Your brain simply can't deal with the loss of a parent. But it will. One day.

Qaro said...

Thanks for being here.