Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gestalt, In the Name of Love

When my 14-year old looked at me last night and said, "I love you this much!", I had a flashback to when he used to do that as a little guy. He'd stretch out his 3-foot wingspan, and the best thing was he thought we were even.

He blinked his eyes and smiled at me and looked exactly like when he was five.

Time and love.

I'm so glad I have a husband who's loved me a long time. Gee...
I'm so thankful for the Photoshop layer of pretty he lays on top of me instead of just being fat and gimpy.

Funniest thing I heard "today": The other night, my son said "Dad, why do they have all those red flags in China?" "That's their flag. Why do we have so many American flags in America?" "Well, I mean, they're everywhere." "Maybe they're more patriotic than we are." "Daaaaddd!" "Because they have to."


Sue said...

time and love -- what we all need.

ChefNick said...

Damn, I remember all the times my three-year-old son would look at me with his serious eyes when I wasn't in a good mood and say "Are you happy, Daddy?"

God, I'm going to miss that until the day I expire.