Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Face

I wonder if it would make me a really, really bad Mom or a really, really good Mom to put Clearasil on someone's face while they sleep.

I'm thinking... Nah!


Sue said...

I once made a huge mistake with someone I was involved with -- I tried to hard to "help" him control his acne. Got to the point where every time I came near him he thought I was zeroing in on his zits. A low key conversation, to feel out whether he wants to do something about his skin is fine.

Qaro said...

Oh no, poor you guys!

Gosh, I didn't realize it's not my choice. It isn't really a matter of 'This is how it is whether your awake or asleep.' That might explain the 'Do this because it makes no sense not to.' 'No'.

Things are changing right under my nose, huh? This makes me feel better than worrying 'Why is he suddenly illogical.'