Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coraline (the movie)

We went to see the movie Coraline.


The animation was very good. I just don't know if I liked this movie. There were elements of Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, and the book House of Leaves.

Coraline was dark. There was only one song. It was fine but it was about Coraline, not something that will stick in your head and you'll sing it around the house.

This movie is not appropriate for kids. In addition to the scary images which were expected and why we came, there was also an extended semi-nude old lady dance scene. "Little Billy's first pasties" did not need to be in 3D, or should I say DDD. (I may have nightmares myself.) Wait for the DVD so you can fast-forward this scene.

When we came out of the move "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" everyone was smiling, now that was an enjoyable movie.


Sue said...

hmmm...I've been intrigued by the ads Coraline (although I've never been much interested in Tim Burton's animations before), glad to have a heads up.

Qaro said...

I'm actually feeling kind of guilty about writing what I did. I said it like that because nobody else online did.

Have you seen "Nightmare Before Christmas"? That movie's pretty neat.

Qaro said...

Wow. I am getting so many Google hits for "Coraline old lady dance".