Thursday, February 12, 2009

Days in the Lounge

An article I found the other day about programming object naming conventions, "Hungarian Notation", reminded me of something...

Back in the day, I took a math class at the University of Toledo that was directly across the hall from the IEEE lounge. The International "House" of Electrical Engineering. I used to hang out there before class and read Spectrum magazine, hoping to meet a boy. I came close once, when a boy took me in the back room and showed me his Tesla coil. It was awesome. But not romantic. It's a good story though. Not for me, but I can imagine the Urban Legend.

I used to want to be an Electrical Engineer. My desire ended abruptly one day when I tried the crimper my mom bought me from the dollar store.

Seriously, the dollar store sold electrical appliances?!? "Let's crimp all the hair at once, from the inside!"

Now I am explicably afraid of anything with a cord. (Help, the printer's out of paper!)

And then another time in the lounge... How can I ask the husband of one of my bestest friends, "Was that you, in the IEEE lounge 20 years ago, and you were talking to your friend about "Reverse Polish Notation" and I giggled? Because I'm an idiot?"


ChefNick said...

My God, Susan, sometimes I think my posts are like, hey, yo, reread, dude and think again, but this time you've outdone me.

No one can outdo me. Account for yourself. Or hire a good translator . . . .

(just kidding, you know how much I love you)

:) hope dad is fine

Qaro said...

Sorry, I'm spoiled because only geniuses read my blog. And I don't need to worry about details like making sense before I have a cup of coffee. :D

Qaro said...

My comment earlier wasn't the right thing so say. I think I thought it was an insult and pulled out my standard, "That's okay, it doesn't matter anyway!" I actual really value you guys and I'm struggling to try a little harder and actually try to write and improve! : )