Monday, February 23, 2009

Pepp'i Cristina Gorgonzola

Super busy Saturday! My son broke his glasses and I had to help my mom. We needed to order out and thought about pizza. Then I remembered my husband had a $25 gift card from (Before you clink this, be aware it has music:) Mancy's Italian Grill that the builder on his last job gave him for Christmas. Maybe we could get a few things from there and share them.

We got these babies. (My younger boy carried these for me and he couldn't resist digging in on the way home, can you spot it? :) I thought the Classic Pepperoni was a little salty but my guys liked it. My favorite was the Gorgonzola with "Gorgonzola cream, sautéed spinach, prosciuttos ham, red onion, roasted roma tomatoes, roasted garlic". I was in heaven, but my guys said "Meh." Everyone liked the Cristina with "Tomato sauce, mozzarella, shaved rosemary ham, shaved parmesan and porcini mushrooms". I enjoyed my dinner coup that only cost us $3.50 out of pocket.

(I have a monster day at work. I'll have to remember the lipstick AND earrings and look sharp and be sharp. Maybe I'll wear the suit that matches my cane.)


Sue said...

Those look like heaven! I haven't had pizza since I learned I was pre-diabetic 16 weeks ago. God, I miss it.

Qaro said...

Wait, you can't eat pizza??? My mom is diabetic and she practically lived on pizza this winter. Not saying that is a good thing. What is the bad part: the bread or the cheese or the sauce? Or just the calories? Have you invented a pizza salad yet?