Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dark Side of Oz

I went to see Polka Floyd last night. They are awesome, totally worth seeing. Their vocal harmonies are much better now than they were in this video from last year. They did great. There was a man dancing who looked like a marine on drugs. But you don't just spontaneously do the splits. I think we have a real-life Binky Barnes. There was also a really cute couple dacing who really knew their stuff.

Some friends invited us but my husband didn't want to go because it sounded weird. I wanted to go because it sounded weird. So I went. I only spent $9.

I blew out a tire on the way home. Maybe I ran over something? I noticed it was flat as I went over the railroad tracks. I made it to the Burger King parking lot. My thoughts: "This not such a great neighborhood at one o'clock in the morning." Okay, only this thing happened: A carful of teenage boys and another carful of teenage girls both pulled into the parking lot quickly and got out and talked to each other for 15 minutes and then left as they came. But I was in my car 2 spaces over with a flat tire, repeatedly calling home, trying to wake my husband from a dead sleep. So I was nervous. Who was I to say that these teenagers were really motivated by hormones and not just a synchronicity of criminal intent?

Then I called my friend Barb who I had just said goodbye to. I knew she was awake. She said okay. A little while later an SUV pulls up and it was her three friends. They found me and they changed my tire. In the cold, at one in the morning. Jeff, Tom and Tony are wonderful! I thank them so much! My husband and I will have to make it up to them somehow.

On the way home, I was so grateful. I was thinking, three, and thought about the three helpful characters from the Wizard of Oz. But that falls apart in about a second: Which one's which? Shall you go by height? Whoever has the fluffiest hair? Do you know that much about their characters, other than they are really nice?

What about the three musketeers? I never read that book. Are the musketeers even all good, or is there a sarcasm there that I've never, ever caught?

This is all nonsense. The best thing, that I can do is go to church and say a prayer that God will bless them.

[Aw heck, I could have titled this post "Floydian Slip"]


ChefNick said...

Hmm . . . church is possibly your least-optimal solution.

But I'll have to say, in this day and age, going out ANYWHERE after dark alone is a risky prospect . . .

Me, it's my scotch and coke and the evening news, pretty much.

Glad you made it.

Qaro said...

I really need to get back to my real church soon. I've been hiding out at a place that's really slick and too much fun.

I'd like to think this is the straw that convinces my husband to accompany me but it won't. It's been a thorn in my marriage for 15 years. I think everybody thinks my marriage is on the rocks or at least some sort of strange arrangement. I tell them no really he's not here because I can barely pry him out of the house with a crowbar. I have no idea what they think. It does make me feel undervalued.

The last 2 times I went karaoke, were, well... Now that I'm starting to look my age... The second to last time I was unable to make anyone leave me alone and was miserable. They're like No, we believe we really actually have a shot. The last time, I talked to an old guy and acquired 2 more old guy friends at the table and had a really nice time talking to people, said goodbye and left.

I need to try to find another singing mom to be my karaoke buddy.

ChefNick said...

Nah, leave church to the boy-love club.

I know about the prying the husband out with a crowbar (I've been there myself!) but you should be (cue Southern accent) REAL CAREFUL, missy, 'bout goin' out there on your own, y'hear? To quote Jim Donahue's recent post,


And oh, come on, who cares what anyone thinks? I certainly don't. Today Brigitte and I slept straight through from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. (and I mean slept) and we take scotch and coke in a sippy cup to the car and giggle and people in the elevator look at us weirdly, but guess what? They're AFRAID OF US.

Because We're NOT LIKE THEM!

Gods forbid, but nothing to do with their churches.

You gon' be okay, Miss Suzy, jest STAY AWAY FROM THE WEIRDOS.

Keeeerist. Do NOT get me started . . . that's for MY blog.

Qaro said...

I will be careful.

After I told you about my homebody husband, I realized they probably don't think much of anything. The worst I ever think of anybody's husband is "a little bit of an asshole". Two out of ten women's husbands are in that category and it's accepted and understood. They probably think that about us until (if) they actually meet him and see he's a good guy.

(Another two out of ten husbands could be called "saints", but it's probably best just to be in the middle.)

Oh man, sleeping all day sounds so perfect right now! I would love a vacation. Work is tough and it just goes on...

ChefNick said...

You know, I've now been in this building for what, HUNDREDS of years. In the old days, I was really shy of what anyone thought about me and my (now long gone ex-wife) but Brigitte came along and somehow installed a devil-may-care, fuck-you attitude.

And now I no longer care! Magic!

I'm not really married to Brigitte but I imagine I fit in the category of husband. Perhaps not your category . . . just the story of how I met her might illustrate that, but that's for another day.

But Susan, the paranoid asshole in me comes out when you talk about driving anywhere at night alone. You could, like, lay off that shit, like, tomorrow?

JEST a suggestion.