Friday, March 27, 2009

Garden Center

I took a half day vacation day from work Wednesday to celebrate my anniversary. Our "date" was to go shopping at the Jacob's Garden center. It's a cool store, they have a lot of decorative things that are nice to look at. We were too early to find any plant starts, but they did have some frost-resistant shrubbery. We bought a few packets of seeds: canteloupe and cucumber.

Eric wanted to make dinner, tuna salad. Yes, really. It was good!

We watched the movie "The Lucky Ones" about a trio of returning soldiers. It was good.

My dad and step-mom gave us a restaurant gift card to Sakura. I've never been there. It looks neat.


ChefNick said...

Time to plant! I dragged out all the seeds today to see what was happening, which needed to be germinated . . . I'm definitely getting a head start this year! I'll have jalapeƱos by May.

Sue said...

Congratulations -- every year is an accomplishment.

I'm really eager to start planting this year. But I remember last year, I put the tomatoes in too early, they got all black and shrivelled by the frost and I had to start over.

ChefNick said...

It's practically guaranteed to snow here once more before May. Have to keep them indoors!