Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not Actual Urban Decay

See the "N", fixed with rope? It didn't just fall off by itself. A block away is Roy C. Start High School. So it's just a case of childish pranks/trespassing and vandalism. As they used to joke when my husband went there, "Start High, stay high". So the rope was the only possible compromise. (Two cop cars drove by minutes after I took this picture.)

Funniest thing I heard "today": Last night my 14 year-old asked me the name of the chemical that makes you sleepy. He thought it might be what makes smokers stay calm and not want to smoke when they ate cold turkey for lunch.


Sue said...

humorous photo! That anecdote about the high school reminds me of a little town (my father's home town) in Virginia that had the slogan "Highest Incorporated Town in Virginia." The former hippies that migrated there in the 1970's thought that was a gas.

Qaro said...

Ha! : )