Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Saturday Night

We got Eric a party for his birthday. He knew it would be his only present and he didn't care that was the thing he wanted. I also got him a gift card but we were in cahoots, it was only $20. Don't tell anyone.

My boys and I had a fun time on our way to Q-Zar Laser Tag. Somehow we morphed "Q-Zar" into "Cause-Ah!" and had a fun silly time. I really get away with having a lot of fun with my kids. It's like having none of the disadvantages and none of the advantages of being a single mother. I give them all my wisdom, such as it is. (I couldn't even formulate a clear opinion the other day as to whether I'm for or against socialism. "Laissez-Faire!---Oh, poor baby! [Wait, you're not a baby! ...Or _are_ you?]") I aim for hard-working, honorable, fair and unshakably loyal. I have to believe there will be a benefit for my kids of having 2 parents behind them. So I give them my wisdom but they also get a lot of funny conversation so when they grow up famous they can buy me a house.

The party itself was a huge success. I didn't have to worry about my husband not feeling up to going after all, because they have the whole thing planned out. It's a two hour party with games [Update: had to fix the typos from "gams" to "games". It just wasn't that kind of party!] and pizza. Half hours of intense crowds and noise and activity alternating with half hours of total quiet and boredom when every single kid goes back to play laser tag. It's the strangest thing. Almost like some kind of therapy. Kind of relaxing, really. Aah, all the kids are gone... Yay, all the kids are back! : )

Eric was the birthday star; He got first place, the high score. He's a neat kid, really strong headed. (FWIW he's a triple Aries with 5 planets in Capricorn which might be meaningful just as a statistical anomaly.) He incredibly strong. He was born with muscles. When he was just barely two, he helped with the groceries: He comes walking across the kitchen carrying a gallon of milk almost as big as he was. He's on the honor roll in 6th grade. He did the talent show with his brother when he was in 4th grade and pantomimed as his brother told jokes. He always stops the TV on PBS create to watch Jacques Pepin or Ming Tsai and we have to watch Hell's Kitchen. He's the only other person in the house who can make decent tuna salad. Actually, when he does it by himself it turns out better than mine.


ChefNick said...

Hmm . . . since I've practically always been a single father since Taishi was born it's hard to imagine a "father-mother" configuration any more. And I think it would be hard for him to imagine.

It's always been this way ever since he can remember (thank God!) so he has no "before" and "after" to compare things with.

And having a girlfriend just makes it all the better. She never argues with me on how best to take care of him (when I have him, regrettably rarely) nor would she ever, and all three of us love the situation just fine. I'm not wistful at all about having him and his mother all together with me . . . but i can certainly see how happy you would be if it worked.

'Appy birthdays!

Qaro said...

I think it would be better without a before and after.

Sue said...

The party was a neat gift!