Sunday, October 11, 2009


Holy moly! My son's friends mom just called me and asked my to go shopping with her. My kids TOTALLY rock! : )


Sue said...

oooh, I'm so envious. I haven't had a girls shopping trip in almost 20 years.

Qaro said...

It was really fun! I spent money. Ouch.

Since you can wait as long as 20 years, why don't I visit sometime next summer? Or maybe we can meet your friend Jessica too? I'm sick of never doing anything anymore.

Sue said...

Nice thought it would be fun to meet sometime, probably in the middle somewhere -- our closest shopping is 2 1/2 hours drive to the south of us. Next closest is Lexington, 3 1/2 hours to the north-west. (Jessica lives in Northern Kentucky about 5 1/2 hours north west of me-- and really close to Cincinnati).