Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All We Need Now Are Snugglies

On those family makeover shows like Trading Spouses and Super Nanny, whenever people are on the internet, it's very antisocial. Everyone's off on their own, holing up by themselves.

Not here. For us it's very cozy. I spend a lot of time on the internet but usually my kids are right here with me. If they are done with homework, one will play video games and the other will play or watch and I'll play music and read articles or we'll watch YouTube. They help me improve my writing. If I make up a joke that is too crude for me to use I give it to my 15yo. Comedy writer and rock star is still on the list of things they could be when they grow up. I need to hurry and capture my malaise and confusion and write some Emo songs for their upcoming band. : ) Too late!

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Sue said...

My husband and I often watch things together. We each have our own office at home, with our own computers, because we do so much work from home, but when we find something interesting we go and drag the other with us to view it or listen to it or read it together.