Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Photos

I uploaded our photos from our solar energy tour at the Toledo Museum of Art on Flickr. (Wow, it's hard not to type that 'E'. In fact I did 3 times : )

I couldn't bear to work Saturday but I think I'll have to Sunday. The museum was the only thing I was able to see on the Solar Energy tour. But it was totally worth it. I also got to see the Chihuly Toledo exhibit and the LitGraphic Exhibit about the art of the graphic novel. I would say Chihuly needs to get out of the 80's but I think most of the pieces were created in the 80's so instead let me say Chihuly really captures the artistic zeitgeist of the 80's. ; )

I loved the Graphic art exhibit. Most of the artists are very socially conscious a lot of it was very deep. Just as surprised by it as I was by the Warhol exhibit a few years ago. I want to track down "Pride of Baghdad" about the fate of the lions in the war...


Sue said...

wonderful photos -- some really nice ones of you, and my gosh, your oldest son is a giant!!

Qaro said...

Thanks! I need to take him to the carryout and check his height! : )