Friday, October 16, 2009

The Boy Scout Myth

Just thinking about how unprepared I am to raise a teenager and deal with the forces of nature unleashed upon my family. : )

Of course I was unprepared for babies too. I mean, you buy the books and the furniture and the diapers and get ready but you don't know how things really are. Once when I was a teenager I got to bottlefeed a baby raccoon. It scratched and clawed at the bottle and was kind of scary. It was good training for newborns. No one tells you they're feral.

And the thing with toddlers is all the control issues. Other than bribery, the secret is trickery. You never say, "You need a bath." You say, "Would you like a bath with bubbles or no bubbles?" "Bubbles!!!"

Everything is coiled up with so much emotion. Is everyone like this? Who knows?

Anyway. We can get ready, but we can't be prepared.


Sue said...

A friend of mine (male) who taught middle school science for a number of years used to say that he thought that human males ought to be locked away at age 13 and not allowed to interact with the rest of the human race until they hit at least 20. :) Now that he has a teenage daughter I wonder what he thinks. Good luck with this!

ChefNick said...

I am SO nostalgic about my son Tai-chan's (real name Taishi) babyhood. I made custom DVDs out of all the videos I took of him and when I look at them now I'm sometimes reduced to tears. I'm sure it will always be that way, even when he's a bad teenager . . .

eda said...