Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You've Seen Nothing Yet

Sometimes I listen to my morning AM station for local issues, but they have a guy on there who rants about normal things almost as if he has no idea how anything works. I'll make up an example: "And the city requires vendors to have the contracts notarized... And they leave it up to the vendors to find a notary... And the vendors have pay the notary fee themselves!

Anyway, I listened to NPR yesterday and there was a protest group chanting and the chant I remember was "We'll be back! We'll be back!..." This chant does not have a lot of punch.

It just goes to support the rule: Plan it out ahead of time.


Sue said...

I've become convinced in recent years that very few people actually understand how basic things in life work!

I do envy you having a local station that actually has local stuff on it. I can't seem to find anything around here that isn't canned, except for the public station, and they don't talk about local news.

Qaro said... : )

I'm sorry you don't have a local outlet. Word of mouth on the internet maybe??

It's a good news, bad news kind of thing... We've got local news, but it's so negative. I guess the the development choices lately don't make a lot of sense... For everything that we already have, I really love Toledo.

Sue said...

oooh, are you a Mudhens fan? I know absolutely nothing about the team, just that the character of Klinger on MASH always talked of them.

Qaro said...

Yes, I love the Mud Hens and Tony Packo's too! : )