Friday, July 11, 2008

Elbows vs. Melons

Funniest thing that happened today: My son is sitting here because he's wants to show me a new game called "Spore" as soon as I will let him. : )

He bent down to get his shoes from under the table. I put my hand out, blocking his head from the table. ("Watch your melon!")

He hit his head on my elbow on the way up instead!

Well I'm off to see "Spore" now. Maybe I'll make a melon. (With elbows!)


Sue said...

I'm curious about this game "Spore."

Qaro said...

So far it seems to be a program to create animated characters, mostly monsters and things, by putting together parts.

Here is an article about spore, which coincidentally features on the front page, a melon with elbows: