Sunday, July 13, 2008

Conveyor Belt 2

Ha! I have boys, with muscles, who can carry boxes to the shed. All I have to do is supervise.

Sometimes I wonder if it is stupider to complain about everyday, normal life or stupider not to complain about everyday, normal life.


Sue said...

Do those boys also do the lawn? I have envy of my neighbors who have boys who will do the lawn mowing. That's my husband's job, but he's often too busy with work to keep up with it, and I work 15 minutes and my arthritis gets me.

I think that complaining about everday normal life is normal. It's how we keep connections with people. I think its talking about the little things, the "stupid" things that build the fabric of our relationships with spouses, with family, with neighbors, with co-workers.

Qaro said...

They do the lawn. It's the only thing I pay them for. I bet your neighbor boys might like to do it for you. I know what they say about child labor but children like money.

Just kidding. ; )

ChefNick said...

Umm, Sue, if you haven't known that Qaro was a musician you surely are missing out. She puts me to shame, and I like to pretend I know how to play music.

Qaro, please post your tunes prominently so we can hear them. Really, honestly, I don' t know why you didn't go further than you did--I was majorly impressed.