Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Under The Rainbow

There was a big storm this afternoon. A tornado spotted in town. The rain pelted down. Thunder. My boss said get away from the windows. My back was bothering me and I went out to the middle of the office to sort some paperwork... After a bit I went back to my office. I heard a loud noise that sounded like a tornado but I think it was just thunder... Made a fool out of myself by running into my boss's office "Did you hear that loud noise???" I am such a wuss.

I'll never forget one tornado: 10 years ago I was taking my toddler and baby to the babysitter, Chery's. The skies darkened dramatically on the way. Just when we got there the rain started to pour, in sheets. I got the car seat/carrier detached and grabbed little Z by the hand and headed up the walk. I got halfway up and Chery's daughter came out to help. She grabbed the baby from me... but Z had disapeared!

Suddenly, overhead, I heard the sound of a hundred freight trains, a deep groan. I spotted Z, he was back in the car. I ran back to the car, I don't care what, and got in with him and waited a while for the sheets of rain to die down. We went in and watched the TV weatherman spotting the tornados where we were. I called in to work to tell them I would be late. My clothes were as drenched as if I'd jumped in a pool. Chery lent me an outfit to wear to work. I was about an hour late.

We saw the top of her willow tree had been broken off by the tornado. It's taken about 10 years but it almost looks like a normal willow tree now.

The strongest thing my Dad's given me, and I hope I've passed on to my kids is the work ethic. The dedication.

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Sue said...

Tornados scare the sh*t out of me. I grew up with earthquakes and nothing else. Where we live now, we get strong storms (and sometimes flash floods with them) but no tornados -- no flat land for them to build up speed. Still big winds and green black skies still remind me of my days in flat places with tornados.

It sounds to me like you're doing a great job of modeling the work ethic for your kids.