Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jill in the Box

Hi! Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. I've been working hard.

Chef Nick wanted me to post the link to my old band, so here it is.

To download our songs, just click the download link under each song.

I added some pictures, circa 2004.

UPDATE: Apparently you have to be logged into MySpace to see MySpace pictures, so here they are on Flickr.


ChefNick said...

The tunes are so damn good. Believe me, I am not wasting my voice telling you that. I've been in the music business for most of my adult life and it's so sad that you are not making thousands, if not millions, through the music. It's so good, Susan!

Well, if you go to my blog you'll see that I'm into impresario mode at the moment so maybe I'll impresario you too!

I just love your stuff . . . I'm going to send it to Jim (from whom I knew you) but he's Mr. Music and will lecture me at length how good you are :)

Sue said...

Oh, I'm glad you put that link back up. I'd saved it for a long time, and listened to the songs, but it got deleted.