Friday, July 11, 2008

Less Paperless

Why we'll never go completely paperless: Because the guy out back with the fork truck and the pen--anything he scratches out and writes on your form is way more important than whatever the computer thought and archived to pdf.


Sue said...

Ah yes, the guy with the fork truck and pen. We definitely have the equivalent of that in higher education. Like the dean who scratches the override on the students registration form, so they can take the class that the database says they can't take because they don't have the preparation for it.

Qaro said...

I hope it gets it's way into the system before it's time to graduate. I'm sure it does. (But I would hand on to a copy of that.)

Qaro said...

Aah! Possessive its has no apostrophe! Me and my comment typos. (Which I especially make on the Velvet Blog.)