Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where You Want To Get To

Wish I knew what I was really saying before I was actually saying it. But I usually say what I need to hear if I only listen, "It's not about what it is, it's about what it means." So, some things are opportunities, some things are just good signs. Some things are growth. Sometimes you've got run into the curbs to see where the road is, or even to find the turns. Getting off base a little bit to reach critical mass and find out, wait, I've got a lot more growth to do. I'm not working this hard and causing this much havoc just to get to Maslow's level one. I have to keep in mind the ultimate goals that I'm doing the whole horrible metamorphosis to achieve. Okay, eww, thinking cockroaches *sigh*...

Interesting few weeks, interesting, sometimes painful days. No pain, no gain. (Pain is helpful. It makes you tough. It keeps you from injury. Triumph.) Learning acceptance and letting go. Remembering my spirituality. It's helpful to look at things the opposite way. Why do I make bad choices, I'm a loser. How about no, it's a stellar choice in a few ways but... You can make even better choices that work and be a winner. Look at things the opposite way and poof, you're on the other side.

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