Monday, September 6, 2010

Subtract the Add

My doctor is convinced I have ADD because I multitask so well. But all the medicines she has been trying on me have backfired horribly. There was the blindness incident. Yay. Then last week I started something new that put me in a horrible barbaric mood, wanting to plunder, rape and pillage. Yay. One day I came in early and wanted to leave on time, but my boss came in at 5:00 to have an impromptu 1/2 hour meeting. Oh wow, did I *glare* at him. I need to practice being assertive still, huh? I'm sure anything I could've said would've been more polite than sending psychic eye daggers. Namely, "Look I have a headache. I'm in a bad mood. I came in early and I'd like to go home now, can we please do this tomorrow?" Ooh, I'm going to write that on a piece of paper and stick it in my drawer. : ) I'm keeping some of these pills for just in case (Note to self: Strattera, 7 hours, you know what I mean.) I think I just need to tell the doctor, Look I have a 183 iq I'm going to overthink things. I'm used to it. Let's move on. Please.

Leave my head alone! I'm a Human!!! ; )

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