Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Music to Me

Last night I was talking to my Dad and the nurse interrupted when she came in to check his vitals and afterwards, I said "Gosh, I forgot what i was talking about..." and my Dad said "programming". !!!

And my stepmom and the nurses were making a big deal about how he can say "Hi"

My Dad f'ing rocks.


ChefNick said...

I hope the kids are taking care of you. I have two appointments with the hereafter coming up: my mother and Brigitte's mother.

As long as it occurs in increments -- in other words, not a car accident, say -- we have time to come to terms with it.

Sure, I'm scared, but I've had a long time to be.

You will get through it. I wish your father very, very well.

Qaro said...

Thanks Nick. It is kind of tough, I think it is better in increments...