Sunday, May 2, 2010

Minty Fresh

It's difficult to find blog topics with so much going on. So I'll use what I have. Here's a question I'd like to consider: "Is pain a necessary part of personal growth?"

I've learned so much lately. It's been quite painful. Like dig deep, get out the bone saw, and probe for viable DNA. So, that makes me think pain and growth go hand in hand.

But I've also been through years of pain that kept me stunted. Dealing with the back injury, therapy, surgery and recovery was like a period of dormancy. Illness shrinks your life to what you can handle. Other things have immobilized me in other ways. When maintaining status quo is difficult, that's where things stay. (Could the phrase, "Try harder" be a red flag? [It was a white flag, but then came the bloody forehead of futility. {Sorry, I get gothic when I can't sleep.}])

But here's the part I'm wondering about: To what extent can change be affected without pain? Healing was like Spring. The gears started turning. Is it too optimistic to think that instead of "pulling teeth" it could be more like "brushing teeth"? I've been thinking hard and working hard and trying to improve. I hope I'm moving forward. (But if it's not awful, is it real?)


Amanda Bennett said...

You have to think of it like this: EVERYTHING is step towards progress. Everything that happens, find the positive purpose in that. Granted, sometimes it takes a little bit longer. And yes, it feels like it prolongs the pain, but you have an obligation to yourself to see how adversity can make you stronger and BE stronger.

Sorry if this is all hippydippy psych speak. I really love this post.

Qaro said...

Thanks. Ack! But thank you.

I Can Has Be Strong?

Amanda Bennett said...

I believe you are made of be strong. Or at least awesome "last ever" type stuff.

Qaro said...

(People freak out when I say things like this, so don't freak out. I am just a little blunt sometimes and have a twisted sense of humor which leads to a very frank philosophy.) Every time you decide you don't want to kill yourself, you decide to live, and by implication, that you CAN live, therefore you are stronger than you thought. So there! : )