Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Life In Which We are Cats

Woot! I bought gas for my car. No unpleasant events transpired before or after. It was a successful purchase, made with "grocery money". If I sleep in Saturday and have brunch instead of breakfast AND lunch, that should almost cover it.

Been a Super busy week at work. I think this is appropriate for Super Bowl weekend. (I can't believe the bowling tournament people let the NFL get away with that. It should totally be a bowling event.)

I never did tell you about my Dad's birthday. It was really nice! I worked later than I wanted to and had to pick up my boys and feed them. We ate at Arby's. (Thank you Arby's for the $1 menu. We can finally go to you without feeling ripped off because we could've eaten at a nice restaurant for what we just spent.)

We went to Meijer's to get a balloon and a flowering plant and card and presents. Presents are hard because there's not much he can use or needs. We got him a really cute stuffed fish that looks like Nemo but cuter with big froggy eyes and a Koosh ball. (I almost cried right there in the store when I realized I was going into the baby toy aisle to look for a present for my Dad. But I held it together.)

We had a really nice visit in which the boys were really silly and cute and we talked about being little and my brother and I throwing cats off the deck to see if they really do land on their feet even if you turn them upside down first.

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